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Welcome to Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard offers a broad range of Indonesian Liveaboards vessels to accommodate everyone’s budget and comfort request. Komodo Liveaboards Boat List Index will give you a short description of these Liveaboards, from the Liveaboards Boat List page you can then select the best Komodo Liveaboards to suit your needs. So follow the links to some of the finest Liveaboards you will find anywhere in Indonesia. read more about us >>

luxury liveaboard vessels

Luxury Liveaboard Vessels
Price from $.400 per night

Get world class diving experience with our luxury vessels. Comfort, safety and luxury in one package, the perfect choice for your dive holiday ...

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Blue dragon liveaboard

Standart Liveaboard Vessels
Price from $.300 per night

Suitable for you who want to dive liveaboard in Komodo with standard budget but still comfortable and international safety standards ...

read moreRate quality: quality rate
budget liveaboard vessels

Budget Liveaboard Vessels
Price from $.200 per night

Affordable diving liveaboard - Suitable for small group or families who want to charter a boat to be filled by your group only ...

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We recognize that our strength and competitive advantage is in performing outstanding service and developing excellent programs. We pride ourselves in listening to the need of our markets and exceeding their expectations.

Please don't hesitate to Contact us for availabilities, prices, and all your questions. we will be very happy to help you to find best suit of your trip

Komodo Liveaboard

Phone: +62361-282664 /8474102
E-Mail: sales[at]komodoliveaboard.com

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